What this site is about

I like to run my own server at home for development, websites and services.
It gives me full freedom to try things out. It also means I don't have to trust any third party with my data and have full control over all settings.

This site contains the setup notes for my FreeBSD-12.1-RELEASE server with multiple jails. Partly so I do not forget myself, partly so they may be of use to someone who wants to pursue the same kind of setup. It should not be too hard to adapt things if you have a VPS somewhere.

Why FreeBSD?

FreeBSD has been my server OS of choice for more than 15 years.

  • it is rock-solid, secure, easy to manage and free
  • it is resource-friendly  (a server with 14 jails and over 12 websites runs perfectly fine even on an old AMD Athlon with 1.5GB mem and two 160GB sata disks)
  • it has never let me down
  • FreeBSD jails (lightweight virtual machines) provide security for the various services run, as they restrict each service to its own virtual environment


Obviously, many parts of this documentation borrow heavily from other people who have graciously put their documentation online. I just wanted everything together in one place and knit into a complete environment.

How To Use

Each chapter contains articles numbered in clear steps.
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Please Note:
This setup presumes an external firewall is in place to direct and restrict access to services and ports.